Remote Training Classes

Remote Training – Use time wisely, Train team members 1 to 2 hrs at a time without shutting down or using days off. ($10.00 per call, $2.00 per minute)

Receivable Management
Manage Cycle Billing, Collection, Insurance and Documentation. Learn Budget/Orthodontic plans to track expected payments. Develop Allowance Tables and Bluebook for collection at the time of service and cut down on the amount of billing statements being sent. Understand the effect of your ICM Methods and Insurance Estimation Types. Understand Receivable and Insurance reports for tracking & balancing daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly/yearly. Report Manager to automate reports. Utilize insurance, overdue and delinquency letters.
Clinical Training
Chart Setup, Chart Modes, Restorative and Periodontal Charting, Mixed Dentition, Chart Pre Existing Work, Chart and Maintain Treatment Planning, Add Generic Note Library, Post work Completed, Add Clinical Notes, Schedule Next Appointment. Review Changes for Front Desk
Contact Management
Learn to market and improve communication with your patients. This class reviews basic MS Word to be able to create letters and covers Account/Patient Contacts, Category Codes. Work reports from the Contact Expert instead of paper reports and learn to create Mail Merge Documents.
Daily Processing and Scheduling
Practices will benefit from review, cross training or training new employees. Learn Basic Scheduling, In-office Screen, Activate New Accounts/Patients and Insurance Plans/Companies. Posting Procedures, Personal/Insurance Payments, Blue Book and End of Day Reports.
Recall Management
Automate your recall routine, even if you hand write current recall cards think about those patients that are overdue. Learn Alternating Recall, Contact Processor, Laser Postcards, Recall Reports and Documentation, Report Manager and Family Scheduling.
Treatment Plan Management
Setup and Charting, track and maintain Case Acceptance, Pre-Authorizations and Group Scheduling and Statistical Reporting. Notify patients of remaining benefits and uncompleted treatment.
Advanced Scheduling
Setup and utilize Color/Goal Scheduling, Auto Schedulers, Tickler Files, Alternating Recall, Treatment Plan Scheduling, Doctor/Assistant Scheduling, Family Scheduling, User Profiles, Multiple Scheduling Books and Custom Define Schedule.
Data Management
Designed specifically for Doctors and Office Managers. Learn to manage your data, interpret your data and identify trends, secure your system and prevent embezzlement. Determine if your system is setup properly for your practice. Learn to Compress, Archive & Purge Data